What is Master Filmmaker?

Master Filmmaker is a company that provides digital assets to filmmakers and creatives alike at an affordable price. 

Who is Eric Deeran?

I'm Eric! I'm the person behind this company and you can learn more about me here!

What kind of projects can I use these assets on?

Literally any project! These are meant to help you on anything you may be working on, so go for it!

I got the Master Bundle and it's only a PDF?

On our larger bundles, the files can be so massive that we actually create a PDF and link the product downloads within it!

If I get the Master Bundle, what happens when you release and new product?

When you purchase the Master Bundle, you'll receive an exclusive code for an additional 25% off all of our future products, forever!

Do you accept returns?

Because these products are digital and cannot be returned, all sales are final!

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